Welcome to the Web site for the Van Hoozer Basketball Academy – home of the Katy Raptors basketball teams! We are a high school and college prep basketball program. Our mission is to use basketball to develop leaders on and off the court through practice, workouts, and tournaments as well as service, mission, and leadership opportunities. We are different than other AAU programs in that we don’t just put together a collection of individuals; we focus on developing great teams and preparing them for the next level!

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We are a group of people who believe in teaching how to play basketball the right way based on the core values of integrity, hard work, discipline, mutual respect, competitive desire, leadership, and resiliency. Our mission is to develop leaders on and off the court and provide experiences for players to leverage the lessons they learn through sports in all of the other areas of their lives including their homes, school, and community. Our programs and teams are focused on the following goals:

  • To help each player maximize his potential individually
  • To help each team maximize their potential collectively
  • To teach knowledge, skills, and abilities that will help them perform at the next level
  • To develop leaders on and off the court

From over 30 years of experience playing and coaching basketball, we believe focusing on these goals as the primary goals allows winning, success, and impact to take care of themselves. We also help our basketball players and athletes to grow by developing the whole person through mind, body, and spirit:

  • Mind – a unique program to develop resiliency, mental toughness, and leadership skills
  • Body – programs designed to develop players physically and teach them to play basketball the right way leveraging their individual and team strengths
  • Spirit – a focus on growing the spiritual component of their lives

Learn more about Mike Van Hoozer, who is the founder and leader of this academy.


A New Year!

The new year is here, and we are excited to build on the success of our teams and our program from last year! All of our teams grew in skills, experience, and knowledge and are looking forward to the upcoming AAU basketball season. For 2018, the Van Hoozer Basketball Academy will be supporting 3 teams: …

A Season To Remember

We completed our first season as an official basketball academy with all 3 teams (4th grade, 5th grade, and 7th grade) having success, impact, and growth. I am so proud of each and every player and family that participated in our programs this year! Our Katy Raptors 7th grade team finished their season playing in …


We have the following teams that are playing select basketball tournaments in the Spring and Summer of 2017:

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Van Hoozer Basketball Academy

We are a high school and college prep basketball program. Our mission is to use basketball to develop leaders on and off the court.

As an affiliated organization with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and in accordance with the Internal Revenue Service section 501(c)3, the Van Hoozer Basketball Academy is recognized as a nonprofit, tax exempt organization. Your sponsorship donations are very much appreciated, and each donation goes to help offset the costs of our basketball teams including practice facility rentals, equipment and uniforms, tournaments, leadership development opportunities, and basketball skill development for our players. Your donations also contribute to the service, mission, and leadership opportunities that our players engage in during the year.

All donations are tax deductible according to the IRS code. You can donate online using the button below:

Sponsorship Opportunities

While you can donate any amount online, we have also set up the following sponsorship levels and benefits for companies and individuals who want to support our leadership and basketball academy along with a sponsorship form below:

Supporting Team Level: $100

  • Thank You Letter
  • Recognition and communication of sponsorship to your respective team

Bronze Sponsor: $250

  • All of the Supporting Team level benefits plus:
  • Sponsoring company’s logo on our Van Hoozer Basketball Academy web site
  • Sponsor Plaque with your respective team’s photo

Silver Sponsorship: $500

  • All of the Bronze level benefits plus:
  • Summary description of your company on our web site sponsor page
  • Direct link to sponsoring company’s web site on our web site sponsor page

Gold Sponsorship: $1000

  • All of the Silver level benefits plus:
  • 1 copy of Mike Van Hoozer’s Sports Performance Workbook: Be Present: Showing Up When It Matters Most


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